Axel Wilhelmsen was born in Norway on April 29, 1980 but moved to Vail at age six, and has lived in Vail , Colorado ever since. He studied art while he was a competitive skier in high school and college, CU Boulder, graduating in 2004. Since then he has been an integral part of his family’s business, AXEL’S, in the heart of Vail Village. Still practicing art in his spare time, he has created a multitude of paintings; each one individually crafted to bring a sense of uniqueness to his home. Using splashes of fresh vibrant colors and adding mixed mediums of oils, chalk, acrylics, gold leaf and whatever moves him at the moment , Axel’s creations are unpredictable, and stunning in character. Each one is completely different, although they all share one thing in common, An Eight. The eight is akin to an infinity sign ; a continuous flow of endless emotions, as well as a symbol of prosperity and health. The inspiration is drawn from deep within like a ray of emotions spread out onto each canvas. The goal Axel wants to accomplish in painting this way is to share something new and exciting for others to enjoy.


Art has been a passion of mine from a young age.  Along with my Southern heritage I was influenced by my French grandmother, who instilled the love of Art.
As I developed my skills in college and private lessons,
I seemed to have concentrated on painting with different mediums and have learned to incorporate several of the applications in my paintings that are displayed on this website.
When I paint  these one of a kind art pieces, each one is full of passion and meaning, hence each piece has its own name reflecting its individual character and personality.
My hope when you select one of these paintings it will also reflect your love of art and personality to enhance your home or office.